Look for the Cause

In functional medicine, you as the doctor look at the cause of a condition rather than treating the symptoms. We do the same thing with patient engagement, patient education, marketing, and staff training.

How does that work?

Cause and Effect

The dictionary defines causality as the “relation between a cause and its effect,” It’s like one domino falling into another in a chain reaction. The patients who come into your clinic are the same way. They are somewhere in that domino chain reaction. Most doctors try to catch the domino that is currently falling by prescribing drugs and treating symptoms. But you, as a functional medicine doctor, treat what pushed that first domino, thereby stopping the falling of all the other dominos. Fix the cause, and you fix the effect — causality.

It is no different with the business and marketing side of your practice. Every effort you make, or lack thereof, is a pushing of a domino that tips into another domino — resulting in something good, or something not so good.

Push the right domino.

How we can help you

  • Increase Engagement

    Efficient and effective communication and education play a vital role in increasing your patients’ engagement.

  • Boost Education

    An educated patient not only remain loyal but have better outcomes and can make intelligent decisions regarding their health.

  • Restore Communication

    Did you know that 98% of providers feel they effectively communicate with their patients? But only 54% of patients feel the same way.

  • Grow Trust

    Effective education and communication with your patients, with transparency, will foster trust between you and your patients.

  • Strengthen Confidence

    If your patients are not confident in you and your services, they will leave you to look for someone who can provide that confidence.

  • Build Loyalty

    When a patient is educated and engaged, with good communication with you, they won’t go to your competition.

  • Raise Referrals

    The more engaged your patients are with your brand, the more they will let others know about you and the services you provide.

  • Generate More Revenue

    Did you know that an engaged patient will spend 23%-40% more on treatments than a patient who is indifferent about you?

Coaching and Training

There are few things more frustrating than feeling that you’re doing everything right, that you are doing everything in your power to make things work, and yet you’re not making progress.

Everyone is different. Every practice is different. The way you do business, treat patients, and connect with your team is most likely different than other doctors. There is no room for vanilla in this field. Let’s make sure you are as “flavorful” as possible.

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“Nature is the source of all true knowledge. She has her own logic, her own laws, she has no effect without cause nor invention without necessity.”
– Leonardo da Vinci –