Are you and your staff running on all cylinders?

Get more mileage out of the knowledge you’ve acquired and the amazing treatments you offer by engaging your team and building components that will wow your patients and keep them coming back for life.

Know Your Potential


An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

– Benjamin Franklin –

What is your potential?

As more and more doctors challenge the norm and break out of the mold, they find themselves in a new category and are frustrated with the obstacle of creating functional, effective systems and protocols for practice management, patient flow, and trackable outcomes.

As a result, running a Functional Medicine practice has become disjointed and yields minimal returns. And with our healthcare system crumbling, we know we need better solutions.

There are tools available that will help you create processes and systems that, if correctly used, can deliver excellent patient outcomes, yield higher returns, and establish greater patient loyalty.

Staff training is crucial to your success as an ozone and IV practitioner. If your team isn’t competent and confident in their knowledge and skills for these services, your patients will know and you will not be as successful as you could be. But training takes a lot of time and energy to do yourself. I can help!

Check out the different on-site training options available.

Coaching / Training Options

There are a few different ways to train you and your staff on ozone and IV therapy, each with their own benefits. I offer three different types of coaching or training options.


1-on-1 Coaching Calls

This option requires the least amount of investment. It is a one-on-one training with the doctor and me over the phone, and it is for those who are looking at getting set up or need business/staffing consulting to maximize their office.

These call are on a as-needed basis, and can be scheduled any time.

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Team Conference Call

While this costs a little more, this can be done the whole team via Zoom (visual and audio). It is agenda focused, with FAQs and potentially even demonstrations. It is a training for those offices who are just getting started OR feel the staff is familiar with the hands on process but needs more coaching on protocols, procedures and patient education and treatment plans.

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2.5 Onsite Training

This is the most costly option, but it is by far the greatest advantage for the investment. It is a multiple-day hands-on training, benefiting your staff with instant feedback, real-time Q & A, observed skills practice, and much more.

Day 1 — Ozone and Its Uses: Didactics and Hands-on -Insuring your staff is very secure in their understanding of it and administration process.

Day 2 — The Business of Ozone: Spend the day hours on FAQs, discharge criteria, what to expect, packaging, marketing, and patient education.

Day 3 — Patient Application (half day): Optimize processes, hands-on treatment practice to hone skills.

Check out the costs

Coaching / Training Costs

There are a couple of ways you can receive coaching. All are beneficial and will help elevate your practice to new heights!

Coaching Call


  • 1-on-1 Phone Coaching (1 hour)
  • Follow-up Training
  • Key Questionnaire
  • Starter Kit
  • On-site Training
  • 10 Patient Education Handouts
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Video Conference


  • Zoom Video Conference
  • Key Questionnaire
  • Starter Kit
  • Follow-up Training
  • On-site Training
  • 10 Patient Education Handouts
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Full On-site


ONE TIME (excludes travel expenses)
  • Full 3-Day On-site Training
  • 4 One-Hour Conference Calls
  • 1-On-1 Coaching Calls (as needed)
  • Key Questionnaire
  • Starter Kit
  • 10 Patient Education Handouts
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