Patient Engagement

Your patients may not be as engaged with your clinic or you as much as you think they are. Studies show that more and more patients are becoming less engaged with their healthcare provider, causing poor outcomes, hostility, and disloyalty.

There are four different types of engagement levels of the patients who come into your clinic: Indifferent, Disengaged, Engaged, and Brand-Aligned Engaged — each bringing individual characteristics with them.

  • Indifferent

    When a patient is neither engaged or disengaged, they are indifferent. They come to you for treatment but would have no problem going someplace else for the same services. They don’t have an opinion either way. And because of that, they are not loyal to you. They price shop and are not committed to your treatments.

  • Disengaged

    A patient disengaged is one who has an issue, is concerned, or who is frustrated — even angry — with you, your staff, your treatments, or your clinic. Not only are they not loyal, but they will tell others not to come to you or use your services. They will come one time, never again.

  • Engaged

    When a patient is engaged, they are happy with the services you provide, have better outcomes, and are committed to the treatment plans. They tend to come to see you more often and remain more loyal. While they are still happy, they will look at other places for similar treatment.

  • Brand-Aligned Engaged

    A patient who is engaged to the point where they not only believe in the medicine you practice, but the way you practice it, and your beliefs in that medicine, they are willing to go on the journey with you. They are loyal to your cause, and will not only spend more money with you but will refer you as many as possible.

Potentially 80% of your patient base is either indifferent or disengaged.