Marketing Card: Ozone 01


Ozone is becoming more and more popular in the functional and alternative medicine community. People are interested in non-surgical, simple solutions to joint and pain conditions they endure. Ozone joint therapy (OJT) is one of those solutions. But you need to be able to market its benefits and let them know you have it as a therapy for them.

These marketing cards are a simple, inexpensive way to let your patients know of this option for them. With a customizable section for your address, phone number, and website (or any information you want there), they are perfect for handing out to potential and current patients.

NOTE: These marketing cards are professionally printed and shipped to you. They are NOT electronic PDFs like the handouts.

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We wrote and designed our ozone marketing cards to effectively market Ozone Joint Therapy to your current and potential patient base. Printed on glossy card stock, you can use these marketing cards in your clinic, at events, and directly mailed to your platform.

PLEASE NOTE: We put a lot of time and effort into making our material well-designed and written so your patients will understand, share, and use in becoming more educated. Please do us the courtesy of respecting what we’ve done by keeping with our brand and not distribute to other practices, clinics, or providers outside of your organization. Please view our Terms and Conditions if you have further questions.